Climatic changes are considered natural. Yes, there are enough scientific theories to prove that climatic change is a natural process. But on the other hand, if the climatic change is a natural process then there must be standard weather report throughout the year no matter what the earth reflected as it is a natural process. That is the reason as to why people started believing that human behavior has something to do with the changes in climate. There are only two answers. It is either yes or no, and there is nothing in between. That is what we are trying to arrive here. Seeing countless debates in this regard let’s see what our geologists and scientists have dropped down to.

Human behavior and climate changes:

Of course, climatic change is a natural process. When we are talking about the human intervention in the climatic changes, it would be wrong to state that the climatic changes are pure because of human activities. Human beings have gone powerful. Their technologies are changing, but they haven’t grown enough to outwit the celestial bodies and cause a man-made change. Nature is still the predominant force. However, man to an extent can influence the environment and create a difference, and this is true.

Just ponder over the fact that we have delayed rain, acid rains, volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters. We cannot completely deny the human factor. The concept of acid rains came into existence only when man created population on earth. When everything was clean and green, there was nothing called acid rain.

The intriguing fact is that people do influence the rains. We aren’t new to the things afforestation and deforestation influencing earth and the rate of rains in a particular season. Apart from that, it is also undeniable that global warming is influencing the climate and increases the heat on earth. It isn’t something new that global warming is the result of what man has done to the earth. We have killed animals, we kill trees, and we are collapsing the complete eco-system. This is the reason as to why we are saying that man can influence nature and can disturb the climate. Though this might not happen to a great extent, it can happen at least at a visible rate.



On a final note, we would like to affirm that human beings influence the climatic changes. Most of the climatic disasters that are taking place today are as a result of the scientific and technological acts of man. But we have to happy about the facts that if we can influence nature, then the bad influence can be undone as well. By reforming a bit, we can cause positive changes. The more clean and green we are, the more favorable will be the climatic changes.